Updated Aug 31, 2016

Joyce DiDonato Headed to Off-Bway for One-Woman Show

Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato will join the likes of Nathan Lane, Kyra Sedgwick, Whoopi Goldberg, and Alan Cumming on October 3 when she performs young Iranian playwright Nassim … »Read

Oregon Symphony Names Key New Members

The Oregon Symphony has announced several new players, including the principal chairs for flute and clarinet. In the former comes Martha Long, previously in the same position with the San Antonio … »Read

IFM Categorizes Airlines According to Instrument Carry-on Rulings

The UK-based International Federation of Musicians has published an alphabetical list of airlines and categorized their musical instrument policies according to compliance with the new U.S. … »Read

'Critical Crossroad' for Pittsburgh Symphony? Really?

Pittsburgh Symphony President Malia Tourangeau has told the Regional Asset District decision-makers that the orchestra is at a “critical crossroad” in her argument for their approval … »Read

A Lackluster 2016 Season for Bayreuth

In his summary of the 105th Bayreuth Festival, which had its final performance on Sunday, reporter Rick Fulker is less than enthusiastic, commenting, “Little remains on the program that … »Read




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Career Advice by Legendary Manager Edna Landau

Munich Times by Andrew Powell


Each month, Musical America spotlights an important emerging talent. If you haven't heard of the New Artist of the Month before, we predict you will soon.

Anthony Barrese, conductor
New Artist of the Month
August 2016
Craig Terry, conductor/pianist
New Artist of the Month
July 2016
Kah Chun Wong, conductor
New Artist of the Month
June 2016
Verona Quartet
New Artist of the Month
May 2016
Simone Rubino, percussionist
New Artist of the Month
April 2016
Michael Gilbertson, composer
New Artist of the Month
March 2016
Pam Tanowitz, choreographer
New Artist of the Month
February 2016
Tobias Greenhalgh, baritone
New Artist of the Month
January 2016
James Darrah, director
New Artist of the Month
December 2015
Rene M. Orth, composer
New Artist of the Month
November 2015
Sam Suggs, double bass
New Artist of the Month
October 2015
Mirga Grazinyté-Tyla, conductor
New Artist of the Month
September 2015
Tansel Akzeybek, tenor
New Artist of the Month
August 2015
Christopher Allen, conductor
New Artist of the Month
July 2015


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